60 Minute Warning! Back to Your Roots Shirt

Sending out a 60-minute warning for the Back to Your Roots pre-sale going live!

This is the official shirt of XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion and features the XCW Wrestling Logo over a Wrestling Ring and Roots coming from the bottom of the Ring with the Family Reunion show name. This is a graphic front tee.

This shirt is based on the traditional Family Reunion BBQ look but has a lot of meaning. Wrestling roots are a real thing in our business. It shows where a wrestler comes from and how he or she is influenced. Roots tell our history and our story. For our fan, it tells the history of where XCW comes from. Your Story is your roots. How did you find XCW Wrestling and how did it influence your life every Friday. Some of those stories are easy and some are deeper because XCW Wrestling gave people an escape when they really needed it. It gave fathers & mothers an event to share with their kid(s). Wrestling is a special bond that we all share and in some way it brought us all together.

Make sure to get your tickets to the return of the show that brought us all together when XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion September 13th, 2019.

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