Family Reunion 09-13-19 Benefiting The Koan School

We at XCW Wrestling are excited to announce that we have added The Koan School as the selected charity of Family Reunion Sept 13th 2019 at the Denton Civic Center. XCW Wrestling will make a contribution on behalf of all the XCW Wrestling Fans from the ticket & t-shirt sales after the show. XCW Wrestling has always been a big supporter of the Denton Community. We can’t think of a better group than The Koan School as they help bring the next generation of kids and young people into our great town and world.

If you don’t know about The Koan School, let us tell you what makes them so Unique and our choice for the Family Reunion charity. Koan School is a non-profit private school serving students in K – 12th grade. Our mission: To provide a low-cost alternative for private education while keeping class sizes small enough to accommodate the diverse interests and skills of young learners in our community. The school, located on a beautiful 15-acre farmstead is complete with animals, natural ponds, and woods for exploring. The main building on the property is a converted single-family home into a charming 5-room schoolhouse. In addition to academics, our students can participate in gardening, yoga, music & movement, animal care, theater, STEM Workshop, P.E., woodshop, and more! They also offer French and Spanish beginning in Lower Elementary, as well as Japanese for older students.

As you can see, they are pretty amazing. The Koan School has a few projects in the works, but the biggest one is raising money to build new buildings for the High School kids. Buy your tickets now and help us support these innovators of education and give the next generation of people something special and we will see you at Family Reunion!


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