The Freebird Miranda Gordy demands her shot

Last night at The XCW Institute Miranda Gordy, daughter of Legendary Bam Bam Terry Gordy of the Fabulous Freebirds, interrupted training to demand a spot on XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion. Miranda had a shot at earning a spot at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion back in July at Texas Massacre presented by Girl Fight. All she had to do was beat Niles Plunkt, and Miranda would have secure her spot. She lost the match by disqualification when after Niles spit wine in her face mocking her she removed her signature belt buckle and belt and knocked him out.

Last night, she was on a mission to get on Family Reunion. One thing about the XCW Office is that a punch might earn you more than a win!

The Freebird Miranda Gordy will be at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion. She made it clear she wants to walk down Badstreet USA with The Fighting Phenom Jazz! Nite is making the call to Jazz. We will see if she accepts Gordy’s challenge.

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