XCW memories will be created once again on Friday September 13th at XCW Presents Family Reunion

As we approach XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion on Friday, September 13th we think back to so many great memories over the past 18 plus years of XCW wrestling. Whether you started attending XCW shows on E. Mckinney St. in 2001 or you found XCW on Ft. Worth Drive or at the Pilot Point Arena we are sure you have many XCW memories from over the past 18 years! Below are some of our favorite, rare, or long forgotten XCW memories. What are your favorite memories?

BattleBox (How many have you attended?)
The Doom Thug Empire Era
Drunk Adam being set ablaze by Team Extreme
The Tiger Mask Punch and ref Bling Bling Miller
Rosebud Death Matches
7 Stages of Violence
Charily legal matches including one between Scott Mckenzie and the late, great Axl Rotten
Terry Funk showing his love for XCW and the XCW fans
Hotstuff Hernandez destroying the XCW entrance set up
Future stars such as Keith Lee and Athena proving themselves in XCW

Join us on Friday night September 13th as we continue the tradition at XCW Presents Family Reunion and create many more long-lasting XCW memories and stories that will be told for years to come.

Be a part of history and get your tickets today!

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