Family Reunion just got two belts on the line

What just happened!!! In the middle of this interview, it appears to turn into a negotiation. The news came as such a surprise that we didn’t have time to make the graphic. 

The Bull of the Woods champion Gino will be defended his Title at Family Reunion

But that’s not all

Gemini vs Ricky Starks for the XCW Championship!!! 

So let’s re-cap how XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion September 13th at the Denton Civic Center is coming together..

The Perfect Weapon Redd Dawg Rodney Mac 


Lumberjack Bobby 

Master of the G-Force Superkick Gemini 


Stroke Daddy Ricky Starks 

The Freebird Mirada Gordy has issued out a challenge to The Baddest B!@ch,The Female Fight Phenom, The Bar for Women’s Wrestling  Jazz 

The Latin Heart Throb Gino will defend The Bull of the Woods Championship against a challenger to be named. 

The last 48 hours have been crazy! There’s still more to come!

Buy your tickets now for Family Reunion

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