It all started for me in a office complex on E. Mckinney St. in Denton, TX

I remember my first night going to the XCW arena on E. Mckinney St. I got lost for a good 10 minutes and just kept passing the office complex/strip center the arena was located in before finally finding it. The few businesses on that side of Denton at the time were the 7-Eleven at the corner where everyone stopped before the shows and during intermission to get drinks and snacks, Jack in the Box across the street where I would stop after the shows for a quick bite on my way back to Garland, and a Piggly Wiggly grocery store which I thought had all closed down until I saw that location.

I knew of XCW at the time but had no idea what I would be walking into. This was like no other independent wrestling show that I have ever attended. The crowd was made up of 90% college kids and alternative rocker types. I was used to going to wrestling shows full of families and children and XCW was the total opposite of that. No fancy stage or entrance ramp for the wrestlers, no fancy lighting rigs, and no big screens showing the action as it happened. There were no crowd barricades either, so everyone felt like they were in the front row and up close and personal with all of the action. XCW felt more raw, real, and in your face than any wrestling show.

The fans even got involved in the few ways they were able that didn’t end up with them having to take a trip to the hospital. If I remember correctly this first night I attended an XCW show was a “fans bring the weapons” match and boy did they! From plastic toys to kitchen accessories, and even a huge container of cheese balls! This wasn’t the only way fans got involved either. The crowd chants were just a creative as the wrestlers in the ring and on the mic. Chants of “Eddie Monster”, “Gabe has B*tch T*ts”, and “We want gravy, Break Kong’s leg” still echo in my head and bring back great memories of my first night at XCW and bring a huge smile to my face.

This first night at XCW was very unique for me in another way. I was a big fan of Action Jackson and also the International Playaz Club and this is what brought me to XCW in the first place. AJ and the IPC feuded all over Texas and the Southwest and were always at each other’s throats. Well, this night really caught me off guard because not only were AJ and the IPC in the ring together dancing with some lovely female fans, AJ actually joined the IPC this night! This was the definition of what XCW was and is! XCW was the opposite of indy wrestling in a sense. Other companies were doing one thing, XCW was doing their own thing. XCW was never interested in competing or being the #1 promotion. They just let their wrestlers and their shows speak for themselves. I recall hearing on many occasions of people bringing their friends to XCW shows who were not wrestling fans. They couldn’t stand traditional pro wrestling but they fell in love with XCW and came back every week!

So, come out Friday, September 13th to the Denton Civic Center and expect the unexpected one more time! Leave your expectations at the door because they will be exceeded in more ways than one!

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