Shocking moments in XCW Wrestling history!

Over the years XCW Wrestling had some genuinely shocking moments that set XCW aside from other wrestling companies. Today we think back to some of those moments as we eagerly anticipate the return of XCW Wrestling on Friday, September 13th at Family Reunion.

I recall stories, before my time at XCW, of a referee turned manager. D-Money, leader of the Doom Thug Empire, created such hatred from the fans that a near-riot broke out during the show and several fans were waiting after the show for him. Another story was the night Drunk Adam was set on fire by Team Extrem. He was rushed to a local emergency room after the show and treated for severe burns to his upper body. After he left the emergency room, he went straight to TJ’s Pizza on Fry St. for a beer. Speaking of fire, Action Jackson took a fireball to the face from a man wearing a dark coat. The fireball thrower would later turn out to be Todd Diamond. AJ was out of action for several weeks after being attended to by XCW staff and medical personnel. While we are on the subject of non-wrestlers getting in on the action, what about the time Lance Romance pushed XCW Owner Nite Davis off of the 4-foot high stage at the XCW Arena on Ft. Worth Drive. I also recall Bull picking him up out of his wheelchair and delivering a death valley driver to him through a wooden board covered in barbed wire. Of all these stories the on that sticks out the most for me though, was the night Hotstuff Hernandez tossing The Hardcore Kingpin Scott Phoenix over the top rope to the floor. He delivered his vicious Hot Bomb, aka Border Toss, to Phoenix launching him 15 feet to the outside of the ring. Before he hit the ground, he went through a barbed-wire covered board being held up by two steel chairs. Scott’s legs went over his head, sending his whole body to turn and causing him to land on his neck. I was in shock and waiting for an ambulance to come because I was sure as anything that Scott’s had broken his neck. After several minutes and to the amazement of fans, wrestlers, and XCW staff, Scott started moving and stirring and was actually able to get up, get back in the ring, and finish the match!

These words do not do any of these events justice. Watching them on YouTube or DVD does not do any of these events justice. The only way to experience the shocking events, memories, and surprises that made XCW Wrestling unique is to attend a show in person. Join us when XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion on Friday, September 13th at the Denton Civic Center!

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