Jazz & Rodney Mac Accept !!

Jazz and Rodney Mac, now known as the Perfect Enemy have made it clear that at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion they are going to make a statement. It’s not just accepting the match but they intend to take over. XCW Wrestling fans may remember this power couple as big fan favorites fighting for the cause. Over the last several years both have turned to a more dark version of themselves. A more cynical version if you will. They have made it clear to the office that challenges like Miranda Gordy made calling out Jazz will not be taken lightly. They plan to bring both Bobby Lambert and the Freebird Miranda Gordy a night of pure misery and they don’t plan to stop there. Both former WWE and ECW superstars, Jazz is a multi-time World Women’s Champion as well as the longest-reigning NWA Women’s Champion. Rodney has earned more titles across the country than most Wrestlers working today including XCW.

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