We’re not done YET! 2 More Matches!

Some Huge Announcements have been made recently. Let’s recap what we know

Most folks would see this as a top show. This is XCW Wrestling though!! We like to fight and no two people bring a better fight than the Hebrew Hitman Dave the Rave and Drunk Adam! XCW Wrestling Fans will remember these two battle it out through 7 Stages of Violence, Battlebox, and countless others. It was only proper for them to come to Family Reunion.


But wait….

Talk about some of the backs this show was built on! The Walking Horror Movie Hugh Rogue, The Hardcore Kingpin Scott Phoenix, and The First Lady of XCW Wrestling Lady Draven all Ironman Champion. Lady Draven was the first woman to hold the Ironman champ and in the early to mid 2000 was the only woman to hold a title in DFW outside of a womans title.

There’s more….

The office passed down one more matchup! Like the Jerome Daniels and Tyler Bateman this match will span the full era of XCW Wrestling. D-Money and the Doom Thug Empire helped lay the foundation of what would become XCW Wrestling. While Sebation Envi is one of the last students to come out of the XCW Wrestling Institute. This has history written all over it.



All of this for a good cause! We still have two days left before the show. Ringside tickets have already sold out but you can still get General Admission. Grab them while you can! Be sure to visit our sponsors and thank them for supporting The Koan School and XCW Wrestling.

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