We’re not done YET! 2 More Matches!

Some Huge Announcements have been made recently. Let’s recap what we know Most folks would see this as a top show. This is XCW Wrestling though!! We like to fight and no two people bring a better fight than the…

Bull of the Woods, Lance Romance confronts Nite, Action Jackson

The big news from The Playaz Club has come to light. Lance Romance confronted Nite last night at the XCW Wrestling Institute and expressed his disapproval. Lance made it clear that the Bull of the Woods title is his title.…

Rumors are stirring around Family Reunion

We have gotten word that Lance Romance and The Playaz Club have a big announcement concerning XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion. Lance has requested a meeting with XCW Wrestling CEO Nite Davis for this week. We will be listening to…

Bull of the Woods Title – Challenger has accepted

 The Bull of the Woods Champion will defend his title at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion Friday, September 13th, 2019 at the Denton Civic Center. You’ve already heard some big announcements, and this one will be one of the biggest.


Lance Romance and The IPC invited to Family Reunion

The XCW Wrestling Fans have spoken and Lance Romance and The International Playaz Club will be at XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion September 13th! Over 500 votes were casted between Facebook and XCWProWrestling.com and the vote was heavy in favor of the International Playaz. Welcome to the Family Reunion!