This Dog Bites!!

Who can you see at XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion September 13th, 2019?

The Alpha Dawg Rodney Mac! Rumor has it, like a true pack leader, he doesn’t travel alone! You may remember him from several places but we remember him most from BattleBox 7 wielding a Kendo Stick and busting heads. This Reunion comes with a bite.

Get your tickets now and don’t forget to add on the VIP Xtra eXperience for a chance to sit down 1 on 1 with Rodney Mac!

Family Reunion 2019

You have been asking and your request is being answered.

It’s Official – XCW Wrestling will return in late summer 2019!

We’ve been working hard the last few years on the right location and right time. Confirmation was made this afternoon with a venue and we will have a date at the end of next week. Tickets will go on sale immediately following the announcement.

There is still lots to do and lots to work out but guaranteed by Friday next week you’ll have a date and the location in Denton where we will be late summer 2019.

Welcome to the New Era!