Family Reunion and The King of the Crossroads

When XCW Wrestling said it was going to make Family Reunion one of the biggest shows in DFW, WE meant IT!

The XCW Wrestling ring has had some of the biggest stars in the business step through its ropes. We could name guys like Axel Rotten, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Three Minute Warning Rosie, Manny Fernadez, Ted Dibiase, and Terry Funk. All of these legends of wrestling came to XCW Wrestling with their passion and knowledge and their names. We were honored to have been a stage for these great men. But XCW Wrestling wasn’t just a place where big names came. It was also a place where the names of tomorrow would begin to break their laces in. It was a place where young talent could be seen or groomed by bigger names and veteran workers. The King of the Crossroads was one of these young men, and today is one of the most sought after talents in the nation.

Tyler Bateman started his traveling back in the early 2000s and quickly found his way to the XCW Wrestling Arena. There he found a stage and a group of veterans that would coach and encourage his talents. It gave him a foundation for working the road. Back then, Tyler was a young man with a huge smile and a wave to the crowd. But all has changed, and the man he has become is internationally known. He’s worked with some of the top men and women in this wrestling business all around the world. On September 13th, 2019 Tyler Bateman comes home to XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion at the Denton Civic Center.

Tyler is as “old school” as they come not only with his Roots in XCW Wrestling but also in his fighting. He’s found a dark side that will be hard to tame. The XCW Wrestling Office has considered many options, but there is one man that like Tyler has changed and brings a dark side of his own. Jerome Daniels, better known in XCW Wrestling as the Flawless one. He was an influential member of the Big Time Players. He is a multi-time champion in XCW Wrestling. Although his intention was never to be loved in XCW Wrestling, he quickly became part of the XCW Wrestling family. He brought a confident attitude that made you love him even though you didn’t want to. Jerome Daniels, like Tyler, found another side of himself. He’s not only wrestling all over the nation he booked for tours in other countries, but wresting isn’t the only sport in his current life. Jerome picked up Jujitsu and Muy Thai Kickboxing as a hobby. Due to his competitiveness, he quickly climbed the ranks in both sports. When he’s not wrestling, he’s fighting in a ring winning tournaments all over the country.

At Family Reunion, New School meets Old School when The Flawless One Jerome Daniels will step into the squared circle against The King of the Crossroads Tyler Bateman. The Stage is set! You can bet that forearms and elbows will be traded like $2 stocks, by the plentiful!

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Bull of the Woods Title – Challenger has accepted

The Bull of the Woods Champion will defend his title at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion Friday, September 13th, 2019 at the Denton Civic Center. You’ve already heard some big announcements, and this one will be one of the biggest.

Earlier this week, XCW Wrestling CEO Nite Davis and Lance Romance sat down for a little interview for the Playaz Perspective YouTube Channel. The conversation quickly changed into Family Reunion negotiations. Lance Romance got Nite to agree to put the XCW Championship, held currently by Gemini, on the line against his Playa of Choice “Stroke Daddy” Ricky Starks. Nite Davis agreed to the match if Lance put his Bull of the Woods title, held by “The Latin Heart Throb” Gino, on the line against a challenger to be named later. The interview ends with both men agreeing to the terms.

Saturday Night, CEO Nite Davis catches up with Chandler Hopkins at Texoma Pro Wrestling in Sherman, Texas. Nite offers up the spot at becoming the next Bull of the Woods champion to Chandler after the show.

XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion on Friday the 13th in September at the Denton Civic Center located at 321 Mckinney St will be one of the biggest cards we’ve seen in DFW. So let’s run down the match-ups that we know:

XCW Wrestling Championship Match

“Master of the G-Force Superkick” Gemini
“Stroker Daddy” Ricky Starks

Bull of the Woods Championship Match

“The Cowboy” Chandler Hopkins
“The Latin Heart Throb” Gino

“The Perfect Enemy” Rodney Mac
“The Lumberjack” Bobby Lambert

“The Freebird” Miranda Gordy
Challenged Issued
“Fighting Phenom” Jazz

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Family Reunion just got two belts on the line

What just happened!!! In the middle of this interview, it appears to turn into a negotiation. The news came as such a surprise that we didn’t have time to make the graphic. 

The Bull of the Woods champion Gino will be defended his Title at Family Reunion

But that’s not all

Gemini vs Ricky Starks for the XCW Championship!!! 

So let’s re-cap how XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion September 13th at the Denton Civic Center is coming together..

The Perfect Weapon Redd Dawg Rodney Mac 


Lumberjack Bobby 

Master of the G-Force Superkick Gemini 


Stroke Daddy Ricky Starks 

The Freebird Mirada Gordy has issued out a challenge to The Baddest B!@ch,The Female Fight Phenom, The Bar for Women’s Wrestling  Jazz 

The Latin Heart Throb Gino will defend The Bull of the Woods Championship against a challenger to be named. 

The last 48 hours have been crazy! There’s still more to come!

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XCW memories will be created once again on Friday September 13th at XCW Presents Family Reunion

As we approach XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion on Friday, September 13th we think back to so many great memories over the past 18 plus years of XCW wrestling. Whether you started attending XCW shows on E. Mckinney St. in 2001 or you found XCW on Ft. Worth Drive or at the Pilot Point Arena we are sure you have many XCW memories from over the past 18 years! Below are some of our favorite, rare, or long forgotten XCW memories. What are your favorite memories?

BattleBox (How many have you attended?)
The Doom Thug Empire Era
Drunk Adam being set ablaze by Team Extreme
The Tiger Mask Punch and ref Bling Bling Miller
Rosebud Death Matches
7 Stages of Violence
Charily legal matches including one between Scott Mckenzie and the late, great Axl Rotten
Terry Funk showing his love for XCW and the XCW fans
Hotstuff Hernandez destroying the XCW entrance set up
Future stars such as Keith Lee and Athena proving themselves in XCW

Join us on Friday night September 13th as we continue the tradition at XCW Presents Family Reunion and create many more long-lasting XCW memories and stories that will be told for years to come.

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The Freebird Miranda Gordy demands her shot

Last night at The XCW Institute Miranda Gordy, daughter of Legendary Bam Bam Terry Gordy of the Fabulous Freebirds, interrupted training to demand a spot on XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion. Miranda had a shot at earning a spot at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion back in July at Texas Massacre presented by Girl Fight. All she had to do was beat Niles Plunkt, and Miranda would have secure her spot. She lost the match by disqualification when after Niles spit wine in her face mocking her she removed her signature belt buckle and belt and knocked him out.

Last night, she was on a mission to get on Family Reunion. One thing about the XCW Office is that a punch might earn you more than a win!

The Freebird Miranda Gordy will be at XCW Wrestling presents Family Reunion. She made it clear she wants to walk down Badstreet USA with The Fighting Phenom Jazz! Nite is making the call to Jazz. We will see if she accepts Gordy’s challenge.

The Lumberjack looks to chop down the Big Dog

Friday, September 13th, 2019 XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion!

We have the first matchup to be announced! And it doesn’t get much bigger than these two! The nearly 7ft Lumberjack Bobby Lambert will have his hands full with The Perfect Weapon Redd Dawg Rodney Mac. Rodney, a former ECW & WWE wrestler, has been around the block a time or two. To XCW Wrestling Fans, he’s the king of the Kendo Stick Match and Battlebox finalist. So Get Ready at Family Reunion these two will LOCK UP!!

Family Reunion 09-13-19 Benefiting The Koan School

We at XCW Wrestling are excited to announce that we have added The Koan School as the selected charity of Family Reunion Sept 13th 2019 at the Denton Civic Center. XCW Wrestling will make a contribution on behalf of all the XCW Wrestling Fans from the ticket & t-shirt sales after the show. XCW Wrestling has always been a big supporter of the Denton Community. We can’t think of a better group than The Koan School as they help bring the next generation of kids and young people into our great town and world.

If you don’t know about The Koan School, let us tell you what makes them so Unique and our choice for the Family Reunion charity. Koan School is a non-profit private school serving students in K – 12th grade. Our mission: To provide a low-cost alternative for private education while keeping class sizes small enough to accommodate the diverse interests and skills of young learners in our community. The school, located on a beautiful 15-acre farmstead is complete with animals, natural ponds, and woods for exploring. The main building on the property is a converted single-family home into a charming 5-room schoolhouse. In addition to academics, our students can participate in gardening, yoga, music & movement, animal care, theater, STEM Workshop, P.E., woodshop, and more! They also offer French and Spanish beginning in Lower Elementary, as well as Japanese for older students.

As you can see, they are pretty amazing. The Koan School has a few projects in the works, but the biggest one is raising money to build new buildings for the High School kids. Buy your tickets now and help us support these innovators of education and give the next generation of people something special and we will see you at Family Reunion!


Speaking of Gemini at XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion

We thought we would highlight one of the hottest tag teams in XCW Wrestling History. They took the tag team world by storm with multiple title runs. Back By Popular Demand was comprised of Sidd Murder and Current XCW Champion G-Force Gemini. These two knew how to bring the energy to their matches with a combination of High Flying and Inovation.


Gemini will defend the XCW Championship at Family Reunion. Who do you think is ready for a title shot!?!

Who Needs Tickets to XCW Wrestling Family Reunion?!?

We’ve got a lot of planning still left but Matches are starting to come together!

Here’s what we know..
Chandler Hopkins will face Gino TLHT for The Bull of the Woods Title from Smashmouth Wrestling
The Red Dog Rodney Mac is scheduled to go one-on-one
The reigning XCW Champion & Master of the G-Force Super Kick will also be in action

Who else could we see in action?

How about a Ladies match?

There’s only one woman in Texas that has had more gold around her waist than any other. A woman feared by most and that is the Fighting Phenom JAZZ!!!

Do you have tickets yet? What if I told you that you could save some cash and grab the general admission tickets for old school prices for a limited time. XCW Wrestling in the early 2000’s was $10 a ticket so in honor of the upcoming XCW Wrestling Presents Family Reunion all General Admission tickets will be $10 for the weekend.

Wait…… there’s a catch! We are going to test your XCW Trivia knowledge because the answer to this question is the Promo Code to use.

What yearly XCW Wrestling show put 20 men in the ring against each other in a one-night tournament that each person would Battle it out in hopes of making it to the finals in a steel cage? This flagship show could have been bought on DVD in all major retail outlets including Best Buy and Barnes and Noble, before red Box existed. It was also one of the first Independent Wrestling show aired on Netflix. XCW Wrestling host last of this show in 2009. The t-shirt from that show has “A Decade of Violence” on the back.

Do you know the Answer? Excellent! Now go Get some Tickets!!!! Use the name of this show as the promo code and get tickets at old school prices.

Bull of the Wood Championship and The Freebird Walks down Badstreet

Tomorrow at Girl Fight hosted by MPX Wrestling located at 510 Hardwood Rd Bedford Texas 5:00pm…. The Flawless One Jerome Daniels will face Chandler Hopkins for a special match-up at Family Reunion

Also in, action tomorrow evening will be The Freebird herself Miranda Gordy, daughter of legendary Terry Gordy. She will be fighting to earn a spot on Family Reunion September 13th

Plus the rest of the ladies in Girl Fight including Ali Bama vs Khloe in an old fashion Dog Collar match in the Main Event! Visit for more information.